Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook 1.8.2 now available

Written by on July 12, 2012 in App Updates, Updates - 2 Comments

Hello update! Glad to see you! Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to 1.8.2. Check after the break to find out what’s new.

Update: Blaq 1.8.3 fixes a rendering issue with individual direct messages. Update if you’re experiencing issues.

What’s New?

  •  Inline photo and video previews
  • Hash tag auto-append is now optional
  • Streamlined tweet card (no longer overlaps the timeline)
  • Profile image caching
  • Hardware acceleration (smoother scrolling)
  • Reduced memory footprint

Bug Fixes

  •  Quote RT doesn’t include the full link
  • Text on the top of the tweet card now scrolls instead of overlapping
  • Keyboard disappears when selecting a username from auto-complete
  • Keyboard remains on screen when using the go-to-user feature
  • Classic RT/Quote RT is sent in reply to original tweet
  • Broken links when opening in the native browser
  • Bad scrolling in Options > Muting
  • Avatars overlap when multiple accounts are configured
  • Other bug and performance fixes

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