Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook 1.8.4 is now available

Written by on August 22, 2012 in App Updates, Updates - 4 Comments

Blaq for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ has been updated to 1.8.4. This is a maintenance release. Check after the break to find out what’s new.

What’s New?

  • Even smoother scrolling
  • Auto-reconnect real-time streaming on dropped connections
  • Performance and bug fixes

Twitter’s API announcement and how it affects Blaq

There was a sense of uncertainty over the announcement made by Twitter, last week. We’ve received emails and tweets asking how all this affects Blaq. Rest assured, Blaq will continue to function for those with the app for the foreseeable future. We follow a majority of the strict display guidelines Twitter now imposes on it’s third-party developers. However, we do need to make a few tweaks here and there. Those changes will come in a future update.

We will do our best to work with Twitter to ensure compliance with our product. While there are no guarantees, you come first and we want you to know what we know.

In the meantime, please enjoy Blaq: The best Twitter experience on your BlackBerry PlayBook!


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