Update: Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook issues

Written by on October 15, 2011 in Updates - 5 Comments


We’re sorry 🙁

We’ve been receiving reports of users being prompted to enter a username and password to “userstream.twitter.com”. We’re still investigating the issue but that doesn’t mean you should suffer as a result. We’ve decided to submit version 1.5.5 to BlackBerry App World to work around the issue until it is fixed.

In some instances, you may not receive real-time updates because the issue has not resolved itself on Twitter’s end. With that said, the application will refresh automatically, every 5 minutes or if you press the refresh icon manually.

Here are some fixes that will come with v1.5.5:

FIXED: User is prompted to login to userstream.twitter.com
FIXED: Followers, following and tweets rendering incorrectly
FIXED: Application renders incorrectly in portrait mode. An application restart is required to render properly.
FIXED: Tweet card doesn't always display FIXED: Toolbar icons shift when flipping device upside down.
FIXED: Timelines are scrollable when options menu is showing

Thanks for your patience and support!

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