Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook 1.7 Now Available

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We’re happy to announce Blaq for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 1.7! The response to Blaq has been overwhelming to say the least. We appreciate it and we’re listening to every suggestion and every bug report. If your feature isn’t here, it’s more than likely on our roadmap. If you’d like, you can leave a comment requesting what isn’t here.


Before I begin, I’d like to provide some quick tips, since they come up a lot.

Reply All – Hold down on Reply icon
Edit Retweet – Hold down on Retweet icon
Fast Switch/Add new account – Swipe from top bezel then tap the current account. Other accounts show here. Press + to add a new one.
View tweets of a specific user – Tap tweet count on user profile
View followers of a specific user – Tap follower count on user profile
View following of a specific user – Tap following count on user profile
Shortening urls –  Paste/type url then type a space
Swipe tweet card to the right to close it.
Swipe down on the tweet card to quickly compose a new tweet
Customize font type
and size in Advanced Options > Appearance

What’s new?

  • Portrait Mode
  • Auto-correct and spell check
  • LED notifications
    • New Tweets – White
    • Mentions – Blue
    • DMs – Green
    • Followers: Yellow
  • TweetMarker support – Never lose your spot again! TweetMarker bookmarks your position in any client supporting it (must be enabled in Advanced Options > Services)
  • Toggle Real-time streaming – This has been a HUGE request. Granted. Tap the real-time indicator to toggle.
  • Favorited tweets – Swipe from the top bezel then tap the star
  • Dedicated help section to make it easier to learn the ins and outs
  • Saved Searches – Easily tap the star in your search field to add a new saved search. Tap a saved search then untap the star to remove it. It’s that simple!

Bug Fixes

  • Show Link Barcode does not display barcode
  • No confirmation when unfollowing, blocking or reporting a user
  • No way to return to conversation after viewing user’s profile (in reply to…)
  • Slow performance retrieving home timeline
  • Tapping gear on tweet card always shows menu instead of toggling
  • Direct message links are not clickable
  • Cannot send tilde (~) character in a tweet
  • Only Klout scores (actual number) are tappable and not logo
  • Font size and family are not updated after options are closed
  • Profile links not clickable
  • Cannot put a mention before editable RT
  • Delete Tweet deletes a tweet but does not remove it from timeline
  • Swiping down on search and list view lists peeks the tweet compose
  • Fonts sometimes not updating when appearance is changed
  • When moving up and down the list of Followers, Following, Tweets, the card pulls down exposes the tweet composer
  • Cosmetic improvements
  • Embedded links (Foursquare) sticking if dismissed too fast
  • Keyboard does not appear when replying
  • Keyboard disappears after adding an @mention from the friend picker


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