Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook 1.8 now available!

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**UPDATE** Version 1.8.1 was released, fixing the removal of ‘Maximize Web View’, as well as issues with launching the application.

We’re happy to announce Blaq for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 1.8. This is going to be a good one. Hope you guys enjoy it!

What’s new?

  • Threaded direct messages – See messages in the convo format you’re used to
  • Muting – Mute users, clients (e.g. GetGlue, twitterfeed) and hashtags
  • Tweet from multiple accounts at once – tap the avatar next to the compose area to select accounts to tweet from
  • Go to user (Swipe down, blue dude)
  • Adjustable font size for tweet compose
  • Portrait list view
  • Portrait search view
  • Shows if user is following current user on the tweet card
  • Hashtags are automatically appended to replies
  • Tweet card hides compose after tweet is sent
  • “Tweet from @user” when copying tweet
  • Change the location of trending topics

Bug Fixes

  • Unwanted retweets show for users which this is disabled for
  • Tweets on tweet card show for retweeter and not original tweeter
  • Can’t click on links in lists
  • Links, hashtags and user mentions are not clickable in tweet on top of the tweet card
  • DM icon shows as new when new DM is sent
  • Twitter photos streaming in do not open in-line
  • When in search mode, top compose bar doesn’t collapse when tweet card is thrown away
  • Placeholder avatar loads when avatar cannot load
  • Search list overlaps options menu
  • Search results always show “Moments ago” instead of true time
  • Profile doesn’t show when there is no convo or link
  • Tweet card issues
  • Search UI bugs

As always, if you have an issue, leave a comment, mention @Blaq or @KisaiLabs on Twitter or send us an email.

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