Introducing Cloudee

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Recently, I just started using a Mac and it was recommended that I use CloudApp. It’s a great application that allows you share screenshots, bookmarks and more, quickly and efficiently. What I found is that there is no app that allows me to access this data on my BlackBerry PlayBook. That’s where Cloudee comes in!

Cloudee is a CloudApp client for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™.  CloudApp is a popular cloud storage service (with companion Mac application) where you can easily share screenshots, bookmarks, photos and more. We’re bringing this same functionality to the PlayBook.



– View files from your CloudApp account
– Download files to your PlayBook from CloudApp
– Upload new files from your PlayBook to CloudApp
– View bookmarks right within the app
– Send files to trash

Planned features:

– Post to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)
– Auto-upload screenshots
– More as they come along

About the author

Jerome Carty is lead developer at Kisai Labs. You can find him on @JCarty on Twitter.


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