Test Lab for Developers

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For those who attended my session at the BlackBerry 10 Jam conference, I promised something that quite a few developers were interested in:

Test Lab for Developers

We solely use this service as a means of distribution of our betas and decided to polish it, secure it and share it with those who may want to give it a try.

Developers on the BlackBerry® platform will soon have the service needed to provide controlled beta testing without needing to deal with all the time-consuming like generating license keys, compiling feedback or managing  . With Test Lab, this is all done for you.


  • Easy-to-use and secure checks over 256-bit SSL
  • Controlled betas tied to unique hardware identifier
  • Timely build notifications to testers
  • Feedback delivered right within the tester’s portal
  • No need to force beta testers to swap out debug tokens

Visit https://www.kisailabs.com/beta/developers/ for more information.

Introducing Cloudee

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Recently, I just started using a Mac and it was recommended that I use CloudApp. It’s a great application that allows you share screenshots, bookmarks and more, quickly and efficiently. What I found is that there is no app that allows me to access this data on my BlackBerry PlayBook. That’s where Cloudee comes in! Read more…


Kisai Labs provides applications for mobile devices based on creative ideas from people like you. We aim to provide quality applications and exceptional customer service.

For the last two years, Kisai Labs has delivered innovative applications such as Show Me the Images and Mancala Multiplayer (first commercial application to utilize BlackBerry® Messenger™).